Customer’ – the person, firm or company who has ordered goods or services as detailed.

S V’ – Sono Vie.

  1. All hire charges run from the day of collection/delivery until the day of return to S V unless a prior written agreement exists.
  2. Any written confirmation or order or other document received by S V in the form of an electronic transfer (fax, email, etc.) shall form a document in writing, and the sender, by dispatching the correspondence to S V accepts that the document is of equal validity as the same in the form of a letter upon paper. The sender is hence accepting that the phrase ‘adopted as hologram’ also applies to any electronically transferred document.
  3. The equipment must not be modified or altered by the customer or anyone acting on behalf of the customer – to do so will void any warranty.
  4. The customer assumes responsibility for the equipment once it leaves the premises of the owner.
  5. The signature given upon collection or delivery, by the customer or his servant or agent, for receipt of the goods or services is conclusive evidence that the goods were complete and in working order at that time.
  6. Equipment remains the property of S V until paid in full. Resale is not permitted without prior written consent. Hire equipment remains the property of S V. access must be provided by the customer for inspection and / or removal or substitution as deemed necessary by S V at all times.
  7. Whilst every effort is made to ensure all equipment is in good working order, the owners liability shall, in the event of a defect, be limited to replacing, or at their discretion, repairing any defective part of the equipment.
    The owner shall not be liable for any damage or defect caused by negligent handling by anyone other than a servant of the owners or damage to the equipment after delivery or collection whether by a carrier or his appointed agent.
  8. The title on any goods for sale shall not pass until full payment has been received by S V.
  9. Any sale is subject to these terms and conditions – copies of which are available upon request.
  10. By accepting goods or services the customer accepts these terms and conditions.
  11. Where equipment is on hire, all damages or shortages upon return are the responsibility of the customer- and will be charged for. Where items are not repairable then full replacement cost will be charged. Items subject to wear and tear must be returned with the hire. Where spare parts have been supplied – these are on sale or return basis.
  12. Charges are due with commencement of the hire unless other terms are confirmed in advance in writing. Account customers must settle all accounts within 28 days. Any overdue accounts will have the daily hire charge applied as penalty. This will be charged until all amounts (including the principal) are settled in full. Failure to make prompt payment automatically cancels any and all discounts offered.
  13. The owners liability in the event of any dispute with regard hire of equipment or services shall be limited to the hire charges due (excluding any items for sale upon the same invoice).
  14. If the customer fails to pay any sum due in accordance with the terms of the quotation and of these terms or if the customer commits an act of bankruptcy or make or enter any deed of arrangement or composition with their creditors or being a company enter into liquidation whether compulsory or voluntary or allow any execution whether legal or equitable to be levied against their property or obtained against them then the owner may but without prejudice to any other rights of remedies forthwith terminate the contract and repossess all of their equipment.
  15. In any matter pertaining to these terms the jurisdiction of the courts of Scotland is explicit and the customer agrees this without recourse to any other courts of law.